Maintenance Services

Join our preventative maintenance program and get on track to affordable auto repairs! Have your regular maintenance oil change services done here at 100 Mile New and Used and get a free 30 point inspection with each service! Threw this inspection each vehicle goes through a series of inspections that cover all fluid levels, air filter quality, brake quality, tire quality, shocks, joints and more! If something doesn’t meet standards or looks worn our technicians will advise our service advisors which will then give you the heads up. From that point on we can come up with an estimate and book you in to have the problem taken care of! Having regular services on your vehicle helps prevent major costly breakdowns as our technicians are always inspecting your vehicles health on a regular basis! It also helps you budget for more costly visits such as brake services. Keeping on a regular maintenance service program saves you money in the long run as you limit the amount of unforeseen problems that can occur. For more information please contact the Automotive Repair Service Department.

Light Duty Diesel Truck Repairs and Add Ons

Have a diesel truck that is in need of some assistance? We have a dealership trained diesel specialist on site to help with any light duty diesel repairs you may be in need of! It doesn’t stop there though! We do aftermarket part installations, tuners, and lift kits. We also can do after market exhausts, towing packages and various other accessories. Have something you want done with your diesel? Call for a free estimate!

Emergency Visits

Passing thru and having car troubles? Need to get back on the road as soon as you can? We are always more than happy to get you in as fast as we can and diagnose the problem! We try to do our best to get you back on the road as fast as we can so you can enjoy your holiday or get to where you’re going with as less stress as possible!

Major Repairs

Does your vehicle require a major repair? Looking to have a quote done up so you can budget? Bring your vehicle in for a professional diagnosis so we can come up with an accurate cost estimate to help you have a general idea on the severity and cost of the repair!

Government Inspections

We are a licenced government inspection facility. Require a government inspection? Call and book your appointment today and our certified professionals.

Propane Vehicle Services

Have a propane vehicle that needs repair, a check up or certification? Book your appointment with us today! We have a certified propane vehicle technician that can take care of all of your vehicle propane needs!